I am writing this blog today just so I can explain the significance of a monthly subscription and why I chose this service for TippyTalk. The truth is that when I first created TippyTalk I used technology that was previously used for industrial robotics. The first communication unit (TippyTalk) was a stand-alone robust touch screen device that came at a cost of €5,000 euros. Over time with a lot of hard work and re-engineering I managed to reduce the cost down to €1200 euros.

Even at this cost there were families interested in purchasing TippyTalk. However for me this was still too high a price to expect families to pay. I knew that there would be some families who just simply could not afford it.

We have to remember that People learn at different speeds, a year or two down the line your child might not need any communication added assistants. This is why it will be beneficial to families to invest in a subscription rather than incurring a large cost at the beginning. Speaking from experience I know that it takes time to incorporate assistive communication devices into a loved one’s life. For me I wanted to ensure that the control remained with the families, so that they could make a decision over time on how affective TippyTalk has been in adding value to their loved ones life.

My passion in creating TippyTalk was not driven by short term corporate profit; my passion was to try and connect with Sadie by providing a communication solution. What I succeeded in providing was much more. Through the use of TippyTalk I can explore the cognitive capabilities of Sadie, helping her to achieve her own level of social communication independence. My family has witnessed first-hand the opening of Sadie’s world and the removing of the barriers that led to Sadie’s frustration and on the 9th of may 2016 my beautiful Sadie said her first words “Open” & “Hello”.

I am truly passionate in providing the same life changing experiences to other families. This is why TippyTalk is going to be a subscription service, so that each family can remain in control of the relationship between TippyTalk and their families.

I would just like to finish by saying that I have  been receiving fantastic support from the ASD community, from families signing up for TippyTalk, looking for more information and wishing me and Sadie love from all over the world. It truly is humbling to know how many loving and supportive families there are out there who share the same passion as me and my family in adding value to our loved ones lives. To all of you I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.