Our Story is Your Story


I’m Rob and this is my beautiful little girl, Sadie. Thank you for taking the time to read OUR story.

As a nonverbal family we understand that we are not unique, and that there are so many loving families, just like ours, living with verbal disabilities all over the world.

Our community is full of passionate people who are always striving to add value to our loved ones’ lives.

People like you and me understand that all we want is to communicate with our children, understand how they are feeling, what they desire and how we can support them.

As parents, we can all relate to the overwhelming need, want, and desire to protect and provide a better quality of life for our children. However, you and I have a pesky obstacle in our path called “NONVERBAL” which tries to stop us from achieving these goals.

It’s this that inspires us constantly to ask these questions:

  • How can we help Sadie explain who she is as a person?
  • How can we provide a way for Sadie to express her individual likes and dislikes, her own needs, wants, and desires?
  • How can we provide a way to remove some of the limitations placed upon her and help change society’s perception of who she is?

This way of thinking led to TippyTalk. I truly believe we must have expectations for our children and provide them with the tools and skills necessary for them to reach their full potential. Without this commitment we are just placing more limitations upon them.

TippyTalk allows Sadie to communicate who she is, when she is sad, happy, frustrated or not feeling well. TippyTalk helps to reduce our frustration while also expanding Sadie’s social network beyond the confines of a room.

I am just a Dad who had an idea, for which we are so thankful. We find it hard to describe in words the value that TippyTalk has added to our family’s lives.

That’s why we hope your family can become part of our TippyTalk community and share your own personal experiences with families just like ours.

“Our mission is to create platforms that encourage social communication independence for people living with verbal disabilities”

We achieve this mission through our passion and the intimate knowledge gained by living with a nonverbal person each and every day.

Rob Laffan, CEO of TippyTalk, is a loving father of a nonverbal child, and just like all parents, he wants to give his child a better quality of life. It was this love for his daughter that inspired the creation of TippyTalk, and now it’s his passion to share it with other families throughout the world.

At TippyTalk we view communication as the most important element in allowing people to define who they are as individuals. Through our enhanced AAC platform, children and adults from all over the world will be able to communicate instantly with whomever they choose anytime, anywhere.

TippyTalk is connecting these people with the world around them and by doing so, we are encouraging the expansion of their social network which provides a platform for social inclusion.

This communication will not be restricted by distance or physical impairment. TippyTalk removes the person living with the communication disorder from the frustration, isolation, and limitation that same room interaction creates, and introduces individual choice and creates a platform for social communication independence.

We offer communication independence to people who are nonverbal. TippyTalk is leading the industry into the future of communication for these people. Won’t you join us?