The feeling is unreal. amazing. I feel like my son is actually talking to me. #blessed #autism @tippytalk thank you.

Rachael Williams, UK

It’s great we started last night and my 5yr old niece told her mom she was sad twice and prior to using it she had a tantrum and she was able to say she was sad to her mom. Then after an hour of playing online with the phone we asked her again how she was felt she then touched the happy icon.

Stephanie Hankammer, USA

My son told me he loved me today thanks to this app. You can’t put a price on that. I’m still figuring out how to customize but so far I love it!

Dustin Galdeano, USA

Hello, I’ve been speaking with the developer back and forth. I myself as a special needs parent to a special needs child am starting to understand mostly everything. Alot of people should be giving the developer some slack. It’s understanding that there’s frustrating things about the app but the developer is doing their best to incorporate our opinions as consumers. *Edit* you’re welcome ? enjoyed understanding more about how this was made etc.

DonnaJean Inman, USA

This is truly a unique app for non-verbal communication. The app itself acts as a relay service for other devices because it does not access/require permission to access user’s device. The software connects with TippyTalk & then TippyTalk sends the texts through their SMS Service, rather than using the owner’s device to send the message. Thus, the monthly fee to cover their texting fees. That way nonverbal users don’t need a device with a mobile plan. The monthly fee covers unlimited texts. Right?

Sarah Price Hancock, USA
I’m still emotional after trying so many communication tools for my non-verbal daughter who’s 19 diagnosed with Cohen syndrome I’d given up until I just tried tippy talk, Demi’s first text sent was I want a hug nothing could top what I’m feeling right now.
Antoinette Norris, Ireland
Tippy talk has been life changing for our son who is 20 autistic & non-verbal, to create an app that uses pictures to text a loved one is a dream come true for him & us.

TippyTalk is so easy to use & edit and at the press of a button can text a phone!! THERE IS NO OTHER APP LIKE IT OUT THERE. Please try TippyTalk for your loved ones. We would be lost without this app, because of TippyTalk we are now receiving text messages from our son to tell us what he wants for his dinner etc… this is the best feeling in the world. LONG LIVE TIPPY TALK !!!

Paula, UK

Today my sister sent her first message to me and I was moved to tears. Finally, we have found a way to communicate. My sister is autistic and 14 with cognitive skills of a six year old. Thank you so much.

Genesis Thaxton, USA

This is the most innovative app for autism and nonverbal children/adults I have seen in a long time. This will change lives for many individuals who struggle with reading and literacy, to become more independent and social!!! TippyTalk is amazing.

Brooke, USA