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Is my child too young for TippyTalk?

We all learn differently. Users tell us TippyTalk has been effective for a variety of ages. The best way to know if the platform works for your child is to try it out. Visit Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to start your free trial.

Is TippyTalk suitable for other nonverbal conditions?

TippyTalk is suitable for all people who are living with a nonverbal learning disorder. That’s one of the reasons the app is available for a free 14-day trial. This way, you can experiment with the platform to see if it works for your family. Visit Google Play or the Apple Store to start your free trial.

Why isn’t TippyTalk available in my country?

We’re working hard to make TippyTalk available everywhere. We’ll let you know when the app is available in your area.

Do I need constant internet access to use TippyTalk?

The user needs internet access to send a message. The receiver does not need internet access, he or she can receive it via mobile device.

How many devices require a TippyTalk download?

You only need TippyTalk on one device – the device senders use to create messages. Family members and caregivers can receive messages on any mobile device.

How do I create a new item?

Here’s a really helpful video that demonstrates how to create a new item:

Why does the app crash when I access the camera roll?

We’ve fixed this problem, and the app will be updated upon Apple’s approval. Please hang tight for now!

How do I set up the app?

Here’s a really helpful video that demonstrates how to get started:

Why does the app freeze on the “add person” screen?

You might be stuck on the tutorial screen. Try swiping from right to left to continue.

Why am I not receiving texts?

Please double-check that your phone number and area code are entered correctly.

Why won’t the app rotate?

We’ll be updating the app to allow for the rotation feature soon.

Can I record a sound to play when an item is selected?

Look for the “i” (information) button on the set-up screen. Here’s a video to help:

Can texts be sent through a 3rd party messaging app such as whatsapp?

The app uses a standard cellular messaging system that comes through your mobile carrier.

Why do I have to provide credit card information for the free 14-day trial?

This is policy of the app stores that applies to all trial and paid app downloads.

How much does TippyTalk cost after the free 14-day trial?

This depends on the country you are living in, due to the varying cost of SMS messaging service, government tax which also varies from country to country, along with the 30% charged by the app-store

• Ireland/EU €99.99 a year, or , €44.99 every quarter

• UK £97.99 a year, or, £42.99 every quarter

• USA $99.99 a year, or, $44.99 every quarter

• Canada $99.99 a year, or, $44.99 every quarter

How do I cancel TippyTalk?

Below are instructions that explain how to cancel your subscription for TippyTalk

Apple –

Google –