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The power of keeping a promise

To my beautiful Sadie I promise to say I love you every day, to cuddle whenever you want, and try and hide my sadness when you don’t. As your dad I promise to allow you to be you, and to remember never try and cure you, simply because you’re not sick. To educate myself in [...]

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Significance Of Monthly Subscription .

I am writing this blog today just so I can explain the significance of a monthly subscription and why I chose this service for TippyTalk. The truth is that when I first created TippyTalk I used technology that was previously used for industrial robotics. The first communication unit (TippyTalk) was a stand-alone robust touch screen [...]

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Don’t Put Limitations On Your Loved Ones.

Don’t put limitations on your loved ones, always allow them the opportunity to teach you the limits to their cognitive capabilities. We must have expectations for our children, and provide them with the tools and skills necessary for them to reach their full potential. Without this commitment we are just placing more limitations upon them. [...]

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The importance of social communication

The Importance of social communication by Rob Laffan 19/05/2016 I bumped into an old friend the other day, one that I hadn't seen in quite some time, and he congratulated me on the success of TippyTalk. I said thank you, and we began to talk about each other’s lives, old friends, and how life was [...]

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“Social communication independence is a game changer for non-verbal ASD people”

Our mission here at TippyTalk is to provide solutions that create social communication independence, for people living with non-verbal ASD and other verbal disabilities. Rob Laffan has an intimate understanding of these barriers to communication and has first-hand experience in removing them through the use of TippyTalk. The fact that we can provide people living [...]

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How to get the best from TippyTalk

TippyTalk will be delivered in android app form, In order to get this best possible results Rob suggests that you purchase a device that is suited to your budget. There are many on the market. His personal preference is the Samsung galaxy tablet. This tablet can be placed in the otterbox lifeproof casing that prolongs [...]

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