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Making Halloween Autism friendly

When it comes to Halloween, there can be a number of reasons why it may seem like a daunting night. From meeting strangers to dealing with loud unexpected noises and sensory issues associated with new fabrics and textures. When a loved one is on the autism spectrum, planning is an essential element when trying to ensure that the [...]

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Awareness, Acceptance or Inclusion for Autism

Awareness, acceptance or inclusion for Autism So tell me, what does autism looks like, if you know then you should have no problem looking at the picture above and picking out the person living with autism. However if you are like the rest of society and you don’t possess super autism detecting powers [...]

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Assumptions Made about ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder

  Assumptions about ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder  As a parent of a child with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) I understand the difficult emotions that families go through when their child is diagnosed. This is an extremely anxious time for parents who want nothing but the best for their kids. There is so much information out [...]

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Advice From One Autism Parent To Another

Don’t wait for a diagnosis As the parent of a child with autism, the best thing you can do is to start treatment right away. Seek help as soon as you believe something’s wrong. Don't even wait for an official diagnosis; this process can be time consuming depending on which country or state you live [...]

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Autism The Difficulty Of Hygiene

A difficulty shared  by a lot of children on the autism spectrum is their dislike for the personal hygiene process. This is due most often to sensory issues. I’ve experienced this with my own child; two areas that can be very difficult in my home are showering/bath time, and the cleaning of teeth. Every child, with [...]

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Summer Trips and Autism Spectrum

Summer and Autism spectrum, school is out and things are about to change. For kids on the spectrum this can lead to anxiety. I found transitions worked better with lots of preparation. Whenever we go away we make sure that Sadie knows exactly where we are going, sometimes by reminding her of past visits to [...]

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What do people with Verbal Disabilities need?

There is an old saying, give them what they need not what you think they want. When you ask a question you must be able to listen for the answer.  Asking the question, what do people living with Verbal disabilities need, and not just in a general sense but on an individual bases. It's my [...]

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Some Disadvantages Of Using PECS

PECS is the exclusive home of the Picture Exchange Communication System and the Pyramid Approach to Education. The company was established in 1992 by Andrew Bondy, Ph.D., and Lori Frost, MS, CCC/SLP. PECS system is used worldwide to meet the communication needs for people of all ages across a multitude of disabilities. I myself am [...]

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Autism Spectrum why Girls are over looked

  Autism spectrum signs in girls are often overlooked when it comes to being diagnosed due to parents and teachers not recognising the signs. This is due to the fact that most studies on the signs of Autism in the 1930s/40s were conducted only on boys. They concluded that a child with Autism would be socially [...]

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Autism The Cost Of Education

Education, according to autism [3] costs more than $8,600 extra per year for a student with autism within the United States of America, when the average cost of educating a student is about $12,000. [4]A similar survey by Web-MD found that the cost of services and education for children with autism averages out to more [...]

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